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Examining the Potential Impact of E-Cigarettes on Museum Collections

Museums stand as guardians of our cultural heritage, safeguarding precious artifacts for future generations. And, we should be happy that many of them are gaining popularity. However, this raises new concerns as people engage in activities like vaping within museum complexes.
Below, we’ll explore the concerns surrounding the use of e-cigarettes from vape shops online in museum spaces and assess the potential risks they may pose to the preservation of invaluable artworks, artifacts, and historical treasures.
The Nature of E-Cigarettes and Their Emissions…

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A Guide: Archaeological Tour in Canada

The people who lived in the past and how they lived may be learned from archaeological sites. One’s fascination with the artifacts left behind by past civilizations and the riddles that may be solved by studying them can last a whole life.
Archaeological evidence now provides a rich account of Indigenous communities in Canada, their migration throughout the country’s broad territory, and the civilizations they developed. It also describes the advent of the Vikings and the Europeans.
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Findings Could Alter the History of the Vikings in the New World

An archaeology team near Point Rosee, Canada, found a treasure map after a two-mile trek across marshy, wooded terrain in June. The site was discovered by archaeologist Sarah Parcak while looking for evidence of Viking settlers using satellite photography. 
It is the furthest southern and western documented iron-working complex in pre-Columbian North America. The location, temperature, soil, fishing, and natural resources, including chert, turf, and bog iron, made the area perfect for Viking colonization. 
Although …

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When Building the Williams Lake Mall, Archaeologists Find Remnants of an Earlier Settlement Site

In the course of excavation work at a nearby mall, archaeologists of the Williams Lake First Nation (WLFN) have found parts of an ancient village site. WLFN and Sugar Cane Archaeology personnel were present last week when laborers started excavating a trench and found a projectile point along with other archeological findings, including animal bones. 
The employees worked for the Janda Group, which owns the Boitanio Mall. The fine-grained volcanic rock that makes up the projectile point will be examined by X-ray to identify its source.

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Eight Amazing Artifacts on Display in Canadian Museums

Artifacts can come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. From an 800-year-old footprint to a haunted toy from the 1800s, we have listed various unique artifacts that can be found in Museums all over Canada.
The World’s Oldest Hockey Stick
Where to Find: Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau, Quebec
A rare Canadian artifact and valuable piece of hockey history, it was hand-hewn from sugar maple in the 1830s.