Canadian Archaeology is for anyone who enjoys researching events in history in Canada. We also function as a digital travelogue, providing our users with the tools and resources to confidently create customized itineraries based on their interests in art, archaeology, and history established by archaeologists and historians who love to travel. 

Our goal is to promote and assist everyone in exploring the history of Canada in a more financially viable and engaging way. We can accomplish this by recommending what visitors need to see and which monuments, sites, landmarks, and museums to visit and providing guidance on making the most of your visits.

Our personal geographical and conceptual advice presents this information on one unique platform that allows you to create travel plans according to your preferences. We go to the locations and museums ourselves to post several publications such as:

  1. Top Museums in Canada
  2. Canada’s Archaeology
  3. Guides & Latest News

We don’t just go to a tourism destination and would then discuss any of it. We have been paying close attention to that attraction’s various elements and features by focusing our advice and suggestions on personal observations and experiences.