When Building the Williams Lake Mall, Archaeologists Find Remnants of an Earlier Settlement Site

In the course of excavation work at a nearby mall, archaeologists of the Williams Lake First Nation (WLFN) have found parts of an ancient village site. WLFN and Sugar Cane Archaeology personnel were present last week when laborers started excavating a trench and found a projectile point along with other archeological findings, including animal bones. 

The employees worked for the Janda Group, which owns the Boitanio Mall. The fine-grained volcanic rock that makes up the projectile point will be examined by X-ray to identify its source.

Archaeologists will learn more about what inhabitants did during that time, what kinds of equipment they were using, and what types of food supplies they had from the fireplace, which was completely undamaged. 

The First Nation has always been aware that the location had pit homes, according to WLFN Chief Willie Sellars.

Sellars said that without the WLFN or other Indigenous tribes’ consent, 13 human remains that had been discovered during the mall’s initial construction were loaded into a truck and thrown in a gully. 

All the dirt taken during the dig will be inspected and screened thoroughly for additional archeological items after a passerby discovers the bones and calls the provincial Archaeology Department.

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